GlobalView Software Inc., the leading provider of data management solutions for global energy markets, announces the launch of its new web-based product MarketView. This new solution not only delivers and displays two-way, real- time streaming data but also allows for full connectivity into back-end office systems, increasing operational efficiencies and reducing costs for its users.

MarketView sets a new standard in energy data management and operational efficiency by delivering and displaying two-way real time streaming data allowing clients to use this information enterprise-wide. This flexible, web-enabled Java product works via network, intranet and the Internet. MarketView offers one source for comprehensive energy information shared seamlessly throughout the enterprise with full connectivity into back- end office systems, including risk management and billing systems. The solution is composed of a series of information display components, with a powerful framework that provides a highly flexible and personalized interface for data viewing and analysis. Its market leading instant messaging functionality lets users communicate and share information to better formulate strategies with private or enterprise-wide chats including attachment of real- time quotes, charts, tables, and news components.

”Empowering the trader to make better trades is critical; however, GlobalView recognizes that businesses must also focus on an application’s Total Cost of Ownership. With this in mind, MarketView has been designed to ensure that it can be effortlessly installed, quickly customized, centrally upgraded, easily scaled, and simply integrated with other systems and databases,” said Jon Olson, Chief Executive Officer, GlobalView Software Inc.

MarketView enables companies to store, retrieve, manage, and deliver diverse real time, historical and proprietary data throughout the enterprise from an unlimited number of information sources. Its flexible desktop interface enables custom applets to be arranged side-by-side allowing users to fully analyze what is happening in their markets in real-time. Users can compare any number of data sets against one another, overlay historical data, and study trend analysis and forecasts providing important decision support knowledge.