GlobalSCAPE Inc. announced today the release of Secure FTP Server 2.0™, an enterprise-class FTP server for the secure transfer and management of critical business data. Latest enhancements include Secure Shell file transfers (SFTP), customizable automation of back-end processes triggered by server events, and extensive management capabilities. Secure FTP Server runs on Microsoft Windows NT, 2000, XP and 2003 operating systems.

“Adding strong security and enhanced file management capabilities including the ability to kick-off back end processes in a standards-based, cost-effective solution, is proving to be a preferred method for secure data exchange. More than 1,300 companies have already deployed it, some of which were previously using expensive electronic data interchange (EDI) and commerce solutions to accomplish similar tasks,” said Randy Poole, president and chief operating officer for GlobalSCAPE. “Version 2.0’s Secure Shell file transfer support and customizable automation ensures that we are now able to solve the secure file management needs of most large organizations,” concluded Poole.

“We’ve been using Secure FTP Server’s SSL file transfers for over a year now,” said Iain Nicholson, senior network administrator at Benefit Planners. “Version 2.0’s event triggers make notifying employees of incoming files a quick task, and its Secure Shell file transfers have made our system compatible with more of our customer’s systems. GlobalSCAPE’s Secure FTP Server is an amazing value compared to other solutions available.”

New features include:

Support for SSH2

Transfer files using SFTP (Secure Shell), which extends the support for client connectivity across many platforms including Linux. Create an identity file and/or require that clients provide their own identity file for public-key authentication. Also configure ciphers and Message Authentication Codes (MAC).

Event-Based Rules

Automate tasks based on server events such as encrypting files upon arrival, sending email notification upon quota exceeded or archiving server logs upon log rotation. Event rules are comprehensive and easy to develop using Secure FTP Server’s Outlook-like Rules Wizard.

Active Directory Accounts

Whether you’re using NT Authentication or Active Directory Authentication, Secure FTP Server can query the local computer or domain controller and automatically create FTP accounts for your existing users.

Robust Component Object Model (COM) Support

Use your preferred scripting language to automate common server and user administrative tasks, such as performing user management via your Web site.

Support for TLS

Provide access to clients using the latest version of SSL (v3.1 also known as TLS), in addition to previous SSL implementations (AUTH SSL).

Strong Certificate Encryption

Choose between 1024, 2048, or 4096 bit key lengths when encrypting SSL/TLS certificates.

Support for Clear Command Channel (CCC)

When both parties are behind a firewall, use the CCC command, which allows for existing network configurations to work smoothly in an environment that still protects the authentication and data transfer components of traditional FTP.

Secure Site-to-Site Transfers (SSCN)

Move data securely between GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server and any other server that supports SSCN.

Enhanced Certificate Manager

Keep your certificate store up-to-date with automatic highlighting of expired certificates in the Certificate Manager.

Server Manager

Manage multiple servers at multiple locations simultaneously with one Server Administrator Interface.

Enhanced ODBC Support

Control how often Secure FTP Server polls the user database and easily change the path to the user database on an existing FTP site.

Respect NT Home Folders

Use the user’s existing domain home directory as their FTP home folder.

Extensive User Information

Secure FTP Server 2.0 lets you store user information beyond username and password. Now you can store email address, phone number, comments and more.

Expiring User Accounts

Create user accounts that expire at a predefined date.