It may be true that real men don’t ask for directions, but the time is coming when they won’t need to. No one will ever be lost again, because everyone will have a Nav system.

At least, that’s how it’s starting to look, when portable Nav systems can be had for little more than the price of a couple of iPods … and they can play MP3s too!

According to a Coyote Insight study conducted for Directed Electronics (, 92 percent of Directed’s thousands of retailers carry Nav systems, and 96 percent of them see the Nav market as either growing or stable.

Portable Navigation systems use Global Positioning System (GPS) technology to place the user precisely on a map, which can be viewed on a small color screen.

When you type in your destination, the Nav system will give you audible turn-by-turn instructions to get you there. And it can also guide you to a desired “point of interest” like the nearest gas station, or a specific restaurant.

While driving, the Nav system calculates your location, speed and direction information from the GPS satellite data and continuously updates the map with your latest position.

Directed Electronics has been in the GPS tracking business for years, allowing consumers to locate their vehicle at any time on an internet map or over the phone.

Now Directed has entered the portable GPS navigation market with the NAV350, an easy to use, plug-and-go model that comes with a 3.5 inch color touch screen and the complete USA map on an SD Storage Card.

With 1.5 million points of interest and turn-by-turn voice prompts in 11 languages, the NAV350 (MSRP: $799.99) is ready to help men overcome their number one problem!

Directed Electronics Inc. is the largest designer and marketer of consumer branded vehicle security and convenience systems in the United States based on sales and a major supplier of car and home audio, mobile video and satellite radio products. For more information on the NAV350, please visit