Last year nearly 50% of all new homes built in the US were pre-wired for the addition of Smart Home technologies. This trend is now spreading to the UK with some national house builders specifying high-tech infrastructures as standard in all their apartments.

To remain competitive, all hi-end property must incorporate these technologies as the norm.

Working closely with leading architects, interior designers and developers, Touch of a Button has put the most commonly requested home technology requirements into simple and affordable packages for their customers.

Security and entertainment are two of the most popular systems and packages start from as little as GBP225 for a surveillance system that lets your keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world. For as little as GBP299 you can have central locking, like you have on your car, but this time for your home or business, and for GBP949 you can listen to digital music as you walk through your home, controlled simply from the palm of your hand. The beauty of many of the packages is that they can be added as needed.

Will Levy, managing director of Touch of a Button, said: “It would be a missed opportunity for developers to ignore the minimum specification now expected by most home buyers.

Customer expectations have grown considerably thanks to broadband penetration and the rapid proliferation of digital technologies like the iPod, Video Conferencing and VoIP with Skype and HDTV with Windows Media Centre.

A city professional for seven years, Will set up Touch of a Button having identified the benefits and affordability of the latest digital home technologies. Touch of a Button ensures that desirable features like remote access surveillance, whole house audio and professionally calibrated Home Cinemas have never been better value.

Will continued: “Over the last few years our services designing, installing and supporting the infrastructure of the digital home have been in ever more demand. Security seems to be the number one requirement for both the physical property and the home networks but this is closely followed by the latest entertainment systems.

“Hi-tech homes are no longer something you see on American films. They are here and they are affordable.”