GenCast Networks, Inc. a leading provider of streaming media on the Internet has launched – a new website for newlyweds that hosts their wedding videos in a private, password-protected environment. The BridalCast interactive site allows an online guest to watch and listen to the video, while on the same screen viewing a slideshow of the wedding photos and e-mailing a greeting to the married couple.

The basic BridalCast service includes encoding a pre-edited video from 10 minutes to 30 minutes in length (in any format); posting the streaming video, along with a 250-word personalized message from the couple to viewers; 90 days of hosting; and an e-mail announcer to family and friends that uses a professionally designed template and includes user name, passcode and a direct link to the website. Packages start at $99.95. Additional video running times and extended hosting periods are also available.

“With BridalCast the newly married couple can share their wedding video online with anyone, anywhere, anytime,” said Sonja Templet – Director of Marketing. “Wedding videos usually stay within the two families but our new service extends the reach, even more so now with broadband/high-speed online access reaching critial mass and the increased number of households that can accommodate the sophisticated streaming media we provide. The time is ripe for this perfect coming together of tradition and technology.”

BridalCast ( features a demo wedding video and includes complete information about the provided services, how to become a partner and special wedding-related gift. It also includes convenient links to complementary websites,, and WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographers Association) International.

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