Gateway, the nation’s third largest PC manufacturer is now offering leading performance-oriented, value-based server and storage products with dual-core Intel Xeon processors. The latest addition brings broader flexibility and increased processing capabilities to an award-winning product line that meets the needs of education, government and business customers’ workgroup and departmental computing needs.

“Bringing the enhanced capabilities of hyper-threaded dual-core to our Gateway server and storage systems adds to the line’s existing benefits,” said Tim Diefenthaler, senior director server product marketing. “The newest Intel Xeon processor increases performance by more than 50 percent over previous generation Intel Xeon processors, strengthening Gateway’s Server value.”

Gateway will begin shipping its rack and tower units offering dual-core, hyper-threaded Intel Xeon processors include the Gateway E-9415R 1U
rack-optimized server and storage server products, and the Gateway E-9510T tower server by the end of the month.

“Gateway servers implementing the new dual core Intel Xeon processors clearly address businesses’ needs for improved manageability, IT productivity and performance,” said Kirk Skaugen, general manager, server platforms group, Intel. “Gateway has taken a user-oriented approach to server development, providing customers with excellent performance and value solving their business computing needs.”

Gateway E-9415R Series

Designed for data intensive tasks, the enhanced Gateway E-9415R server and E-9415R Storage Server are ideal for applications such as a database or Web server, and can scale to ERP and CRM applications. In addition to the new
64-bit Intel Xeon processor, Gateway has added the option of cost-effective SATA drives to the 1U rack mount server. Users can now choose between three hot-swappable SATA or SCSI drives for increased performance and data reliability through RAID 5 functionality that spreads data over three drives providing users a total of 1.5TB of storage, unmatched among servers in its class. In addition to dedicated SATA or SCSI drive support, the systems also come complete with a slim-line optical drive for no compromise data center support. The E-9415R also supports 800MHz front-side bus and the availability of 2.2MB L2 cache and maximizes I/O performance and platform stability with PCI Express and DDR2 memory.

The E-9415R also provides complete operating system flexibility, supporting Microsoft’s full suite of operating systems and planned certification for Novell’s Netware 6.5, Red Hat Linux Enterprise 3.0 and 3.0 EM64T and SuSe Linux Enterprise 9.0 and 9.0 EM64T. The server comes with the Gateway Systems Manager (GSM), a real-time monitoring tool that gives IT managers peace-of-mind with system checks that catch and alleviate problems, thereby decreasing network interruptions. The Gateway 9415 Series is very price competitive, coming complete with a server rack and priced starting at only $2,299.99.

The E-9415R also offers optional dual-redundant, hot-swap power supplies, meeting needs for high availability, increased reliability and minimal downtime.

Gateway E-9510T Series

The Gateway E-9510T Series tower server offers workgroups and small departments a strong foundation for enterprise transaction processing, CRM, database/data mining applications, and computational intensive engineering/research applications.

The addition of dual-core, hyper-threaded processors brings enhanced performance to the cost-effective capabilities of the 10 SCSI hard drives with up to 3TB of raw internal storage or the six enterprise-class SATA II hard drives with up to 3TB of raw internal storage.

The dual-core enabled systems complement Gateway’s growing line of
small-office and back-office computing platforms, which spans from the
entry-level Gateway E-9220T all the way up to the Gateway E-9715R 4U enterprise-class server.