The new Gateway S-Series line is designed with the key characteristics
small businesses want. The exceptionally-priced products are highly durable
and reliable, are easy to maintain and service, and can be configured with
entry-level to high-performance technology to meet a range of business and
employee needs in a variety of environments. In addition, standard and
upgrade-options for software, service, support and warranty all further
fulfill the needs of small businesses.

“Small business owners told us they’re looking for systems that can stand
up to all-day, everyday computing, that are flexible, easy to upgrade or
re-configure, and that have the kind of back-end services and support
typically provided to larger organizations,” said William Diehl, vice
president of product marketing, Gateway. “We listened to those customers and
the result is our new S-Series — a distinct line of products that have the
technology, features, service and support they want at prices they’ll

S-Series Desktops: BTX Enhances Reliability, Tool-free Design is Easy to

Gateway’s S-Series desktop line features durable cases and the company’s
BTX design that cool and reduces noise, while boosting the reliability of key
components. In fact, the BTX architecture extends the life of key components
by up to 82 percent over traditional ATX PCs. Gateway’s three models,
which all feature the BTX design and can be expanded with additional
technology, are the space-saving three-bay system and highly-expandable
six-bay and seven-bay models. In addition, Gateway is the only major PC
manufacturer with a BTX design that includes dual system fans, which further
ensures cooling and reliability on the six-bay and seven-bay models.

The new line of desktops is easy for small businesses to service. The
systems’ innovative, tool-free design uses convenient thumb-screws and
easy-release latches for quick system entry and access of internal components.
As a result, making upgrades and replacements requires only minimal downtime.
In addition, components can be accessed without removing the front bezel or
replacing the optical drive retention screws.

The new S-Series desktop PC line is flexible and can be configured to meet
a variety of budget requirements and employee needs. As a result, small
businesses can standardize on a single platform and then customize it for use
in a range of environments. The desktop PCs include an all 64-bit processor
selection from cost-effective Intel Celeron options to high-performance
Intel Pentium D dual core processors. Featuring a wide range of
options, the S-Series can be selected with Serial ATA hard drives ranging from
40GB to 400GB, and can be configured with up to 4GB of DDR2 memory. Customers can choose from premium integrated graphics capable of running the
latest DirectX 9.0 software as well as high-performance discrete graphics card
solutions. The S-Series desktop PCs also feature the Intel 945 chipset
with PCI Express architecture and fast Gigabit Ethernet LAN.

S-Series Notebooks: Big on Performance and Features, Shared Accessories

Like the S-Series desktops, the new Gateway notebooks were designed to
stand up to the rigors of continual use. The new notebooks sport a highly
durable magnesium alloy casing that protects the systems from drops, falls and
spills. Also, an internal magnesium super-structure keeps the notebooks rigid
to protect internal components from external stress.

Small business owners will appreciate that the Gateway S-Series notebooks
reduce long-term costs and simplify platform management by sharing the same
components and accessories like advanced port replicators, batteries and AC
adapters. For example, small businesses can save money by stocking a single
AC adapter that will support any Gateway S-Series notebook.

Gateway’s line of S-Series notebook PCs boast in-demand features at
exceptional prices including widescreen displays, lightweight designs, and
optional port replicators. Even with all of the performance enhancements, the
Gateway S-Series notebooks provide industry-leading battery life. The new
S-Series comprises four different models that can be configured with the
latest technology ranging from value-class to high-performance. Features
include the latest Intel chipsets and processors, fast DDR2 memory,
performance hard drives and dedicated or integrated graphics.

Security Offerings Protect Investment of Small Businesses

To protect the investment of small businesses, the Gateway S-Series line
is optimized with software and programs intended to keep them secure. The
Gateway S-Series PCs come with Gateway Internet Security Shield, a combination
of the latest security software that protects customers against viruses,
spyware and other threats. It includes Norton Internet Security 2005
(Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Firewall and Parental Control) and McAfee

Also, Gateway offers a pro-active service tool called BigFix at no
charge on all its S-Series PCs. With the customer’s permission, BigFix
identifies and sends messages offering updates and general PC maintenance.
For example, BigFix will alert customers to new software patches that will
keep the PC updated with the latest security fixes.

Concerned also with physical protection, Gateway has outfitted the
S-Series PCs with lock-down devices. The S-Series desktop PCs can be locked
to prevent entry to the case, while the notebook PCs feature a Kensington lock
so they can be physically anchored to a desk or other structure. Additionally, the Gateway S-Series notebooks can be purchased with an optional
security feature, Absolute Software’s CompuTrace tracking software, that
helps recover lost or stolen systems.