, home of the web’s original free online bingo game for real cash prizes and a property owned by Lycos, Inc., announces the launch of Pirate Cove Bingo for Facebook, a freebooting social game that lets friends play free bingo together and take home real cash prizes.

Every player receives an unlimited supply of white bingo cards and a limited number of Gold bingo cards. Every time a player gets bingo on a white card, they build up their piratey treasure chest, and every time they get bingo on a Gold card, they are automatically entered into a $25 daily sweepstakes!

Jungwook Lim, CEO of Lycos, adds, “This game incorporates everything our customers love — friends, entertainment, and free cash prizes — with a unique look and fun theme that keeps them coming back for more.”

Pirate Cove Bingo, already brimming with great features, will continue to deliver exciting enhancements over the coming months, including new bingo rooms, in-game gifts and collectibles, and much more! Climb aboard today for your chance to play and win.