GamesRadar+, Future's global entertainment website, surpassed its monthly audience record in December, being visited by 11.3 million unique users. This is GamesRadar+'s second successive record-breaking month, with a then record 9.8 million users visiting in November 2015, and represents year-on-year growth of 29% over December 2014 when 8.8 million users were recorded. (Source: Google Analytics, Dec 2015)

 Re-launched as GamesRadar+ in November 2014, the site focuses on Gaming, Movies and TV. Its global editorial team allows the site to operate on a 24/7 basis, which has resulted in a 44% year-on-year unique user growth in the US and 34% in the UK.

Users sharing content through social media channels is core to the sites success, alongside a strong SEO strategy. A new content policy has expanded its focus to news and entertainment and driven the user engagement, resulting in a social media referrals increase of 88% and from search engines by 34%.

Sophia Tong, Global Editor in Chief of GamesRadar+, says, "We've been incredibly fortunate this past year to hire some immensely talented writers to add to this already fantastic team. The entire editorial team has worked diligently to produce the most relevant and thoughtful stories that resonates with our readers. Strengthening our news team to provide around the clock coverage has been invaluable, and we're delighted to see that our entertainment coverage has been well-received by our gaming audience.

"We're also very thankful for our community and readership across all channels, who supported us through the many phases of our site. We can't wait to share the next evolution of our site in 2016."