The top games website,, is striding into winter with an abundance of top new titles. The site has confirmed the first of its brand new November additions with no less than four hotly anticipated download games in a number of genres and categories.

In keeping with its commitment to offering its players fresh challenges in all of their favorite genres, the November drop includes a flurry of new puzzle games download titles.

The PC downloadable Royal Riddles is the first of the games which are brand new on site this November. Packed with over 100 Japanese crossword paint by number puzzles, Royal Riddles challenges gamers to delve deep to solve ever more complex puzzles in order to gain access to the King's treasures. The puzzles are set to a backdrop of nine picture-perfect royal locations and as each brain teaser is completed, gamers are invited to explore the beautiful royal castle.

New in the ever popular hidden object genre for those who want to flex their mind muscles and unleash their inner sleuth is Island of Death: Demons and Despair. The game follows honeymooning couple Natalie and John, who arrive on the island only to find themselves the subject of experiments. When Natalie escapes the curse of the invading Demons, she must explore the island and find a cure to save her husband. Help the newlywed to find a cure and save John by navigating through the creepy Island and solving each mind boggling mini-game en-route.

Two totally new time management titles round out the first of November's new games. The first fresh new title is the PC downloadable Dragon Keeper 2. In this exciting time management game, players must defeat an evil witch who thrives on mischief and mayhem. After the prince is turned into a goldfish, the princess must get help from the magic dragons to turn her beloved back into a human once again. Players must breed the magic dragons, hire a range of magic creatures and learn how to cast dragon spells to reunite the prince and princess. Players collect gems and money as they complete games and must defend their treasures against thieves to earn wonderful rewards.

The action tower defense game, Fort Defense ratchets up the tension another notch for time management fans. In this fourth new title, visitors must defend the fortress against an onslaught of pirate-style attackers, build towers, collect crystals and upgrade spells.

Nikolai Veselov from said, "What better way is there to get through winter than with a great collection of free downloadable games? We think our players will love this month's selection."