The majority of game fans in the UK still prefer to buy boxed software over digital downloads, a new study has claimed.

Report also claims that about 59 percent of UK gamers routinely experience some lag issues.

Of about 2,000 people surveyed, only a quarter said they preferred to download their games.

In a survey conducted by Broadband Genie, about 39 percent of 2,000 UK gamers said they preferred to buy physical software over digital. By contrast, a quarter said they preferred to download their games. The remaining 36 percent said they had no preference.

The report corresponds with a GameSpot poll which found that more than half of respondents said they preferred physical games, while only 25 percent said they choose digital downloads over a boxed game.

The survey also asked about 1,000 gamers how often they experienced lag when playing online, with 59 percent claiming to notice it occasionally or frequently.

However, the survey did not distinguish between problems due to ISPs, or those caused by platform holders' networks, or for other reasons.

In June, European PlayStation Network users suffered lenghy download times–some initially upward of 99 hours–shortly after the release of Batman: Arkham Knight.