GameCo, Inc., the revolutionary new company uniting video games with casino floor gaming, announced today they have partnered with international engineering and manufacturing giant Suzo-Happ to design and develop the controllers for its video game gambling machine (VGM™). GameCo's VGM, scheduled to debut in 2016, will be the world's first introduction to skill-based video game gambling on the casino floor.

"GameCo chose Suzo-Happ as the designer and manufacturer for its controller because of its long-standing experience of creating the video gaming industries' most recognized player components," said Blaine Graboyes, CEO of GameCo.

"We are thrilled to be working on this project and we are just as excited to be working with the team at GameCo," said Jim Brendel, Chairman of the Board of SUZOHAPP. "We have extensive experience in design and manufacture of controls for the Amusement Industry and will develop a controller that complements GameCo's groundbreaking gaming product," Jim added.

GameCo's mission is to attract a new generation of casino players to reinvigorate slot revenue. With this new technology platform, the VGM will give video gamers a new way to use their skill and connect game publishers and developers directly with core consumer audiences. The VGM is an arcade-style cabinet that balances player skill with game design to deliver the same return to players as traditional slot machines. Games are familiar titles from top publishers played in 60-90 second experiences featuring various genres and themes including sports, racing, fighting games and more. GameCo has built full compliance VGM prototypes under Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) Standards #11 v2.1, and expects to begin field trials with a number of major casino partners in early 2016.