Thousands of Canadians will be invited to go green at home and at work thanks to several environmental initiatives being launched by Future Shop and the David Suzuki Foundation in the run-up to Earth Day on April 22.

Future Shop and the David Suzuki Foundation are announcing the official launch of two online campaigns that will help Future Shop customers, employees and the Canadian public save power and make greener choices at home and in the workplace. The two campaigns are Future Shop’s Acts of Green contest and the David Suzuki Foundations Amazing Workplace Race.

“Future Shop and the David Suzuki Foundation are leveraging the strengths of our two organizations to offer information to as many Canadians as possible in order to promote environmental awareness and action,” said Todd Empey, VP of Operations, Future Shop. “Solutions to environmental problems will be found only when we start working together to promote change.”

With 10,000 employees at Future Shop and over 200,000 Canadians visiting each day, the pairing between the two organizations offers the opportunity to reach a broad swath of the Canadian public in an effort to support environmental awareness and behaviour change. The two online campaigns will be aimed at encouraging Canadians to reduce their energy consumption at home through conservation tips and smart purchasing choices, as well as promoting greener workplace practices using online resources and a national workplace competition.

“By making simple changes in their lives, Canadians can help reduce their environmental impact and Future Shop recognizes this,” said Randi Kruse, Manager of Community Building at the David Suzuki Foundation. “Programs such as their Acts of Green contest and the David Suzuki Foundation’s Amazing Workplace Race are meant to engage more and more Canadians in helping protect the planet.”

Recognizing the opportunity to build on existing initiatives aimed at reducing its environmental footprint, Future Shop turned to the David Suzuki Foundation for their expertise and learning resources, offering to help bring these resources to larger audiences. Collectively, the two campaigns will support and profile the efforts of thousands of individual Canadians who are finding innovative ways to reduce their footprints at home and work.

“Working with the David Suzuki Foundation is a great opportunity for us,” said Cheryl Grant, Community Relations Manager at Future Shop. “Our goal is to be a source of information and solutions for our people and our customers. With tools from the Foundation and the launch of our new website, we hope to help Canadians take some of those first steps to change their daily behavior and reduce our collective impact on the environment.”

David Suzuki’s Amazing Workplace Race and David Suzuki Office Essentials: Green Your Workplace toolkit