FuseTalk showcased FuseExpertise for IT and the opportunity for VARs to make from 10 to 40 times your money back on just a $299 annual subscription. Imagine an extra expert employee on the team for under $25 a month! As Julian Lee pointed out, it's a natural starting place for the VAR Office Suite solution. Better customer engagement is a natural for revenue growth, customer retention and acquisition. VARs generally agree that driving demand, based on defining risks and opportunities through a business IT assessment process, is the way to go forward.
We introduced the ChannelNEXT CERTAINTY discount code to make it even more attractive to VARs. All you need is one client experience and you will realize that this is the right way to engage clients. What other vendor program offers software and expertise that easily converts to $300 to $3,000 to $12,000 or more in assessment, consulting services and purchase orders? The answer – NO ONE ELSE DOES!
You also get to use FuseExpertise internally for IT productivity, operational expertise and intelligence expertise.  And when you sign-up you can officially sell FuseExpertise customer upgrades, providing you with 25% commissions for as long as your client subscribes.
An extra employee at less than $300 per year!
Contact me personally – Greg Waite, gjwaite@fuseexpertise.com – for a quick demo/refresher on the power of FuseExpertise to grow your practice, or order now at using the ChannelNEXT 10% discount code – CERTAINTY.