FuseExpertise was pleased to participate in the 7th Annual 2013 Reseller Choice Awards and the 2nd Annual Channel Manager Summit, held in Unionville on 6 February, 2014. Each year the entire Canadian reseller channel is surveyed and encouraged to vote for their favourite vendors and distributors. Some five hundred vendors are nominated, so it’s a great opportunity for everyone to get feedback. The annual event was organized by www.channelnext.ca, www.e-channelnews.com, www.ecntv.ca and www.channelbizz.ca


A broad audience of vendors, channel managers and distributors gathered to celebrate the best-of-the-industry winners and to network with peers. Channel managers enjoyed an afternoon of presentations centered around fine tuning channel strategies and programs. Topics included the current state of the Canadian channel business, how to generate more sales leads, and empowering partners to sell more.


FuseExpertise for IT was recognized by ChannelNEXT as a powerful offering for VARs, providing them with a turnkey approach to customer engagement and consultative sales with IT Health for SMBs assessment content and process. VARs can also push IT Productivity to their customers’ end users, create good will and increase the effectiveness of their employees. Internally, VARs can use the software to capture and replicate key processes as well as tap into their team by capturing ideas, prospects, technology and systematically reviewing that intelligence for gems. At just $299 per year for VARs, for a ‘one to go and one to show’, there is no offering with higher ROI in the industry.


“We defined VAR Office Suite as the collection of the very best tools, technologies and practices to manage, leverage and grow a VAR’s business,” said Julian Lee, CEO of TechnoPlanet. “The most critical offering for VARs is, without a doubt, FuseExpertise for IT. From a VAR perspective it drives new revenue opportunities, builds customer loyalty and reinforces a VAR’s relationship with owners and senior managers – where all the decisions are made. Internally, it helps VARs run a much better process based business with repeatable checklists and processes.”


“It was terrific to have an opportunity to meet some the brightest minds in the IT space,” said Greg Waite, President of FuseTalk Inc. “There was terrific feedback from a number channel managers and senior executives from top technology and distribution companies. The general endorsement by attendees was that healthy VARs who are truly engaging their customers with FuseExpertise are likely to sell significantly more. It was an honour to be with award winning recipients such as Microsoft, N-able, and HP and Lenovo.”


For more information on VAR Office Suite please go to www.varofficesuite.com and to learn how to be a stronger VAR go to www.varcoach.com