Fun Easy Learn has kicked their popular French learning app, Learn Frnch 6000 Words to another level with a total redesign of the interface and has introduced New Tools to increase literacy in French.

Fun Easy Learn CEO had this to say about the new app update:
French is one of the most difficult languages to pick up because of the use of different verb tenses and the many exceptions that go along with them. Fun Easy Learn has worked with experts to create an app that helps reduce the learning curve and catalyze the rate users pick up the language. In the latest update to our Learn French 6000 Words  app, we have pushed to creating a simpler interface, one that can be easily navigated and one that we think is much more aesthetically appealing. On top of the new look and design we have met with many experts and teachers of the French language to get a better sense of how to improve the app, the results being a redesigned curriculum that is more robust and one that will give users the fundamentals to learn French easy! Not only has this update been beneficial for the users, the company itself has seen growth. Future investors can should know that the user demand these sorts of updates is there and our latest has it pushed downloads for new and returning users through the roof!

The biggest benefit of the Learn French 6000 Words update is that older users will now have access to more lessons to increase their proficiency in the French language. New users will also be able to get the same core fundamentals from the app but will also have an easier time navigating through the app because of the new design upgrade, reducing the learning curve of how to use the app.

Fun Easy Learn is a software company based out of Republic of Moldova with language apps in over 10 different language. Users of the apps are put through different games, tests, and challenges to increase proficiency of the languages they want to learn while keeping things entertaining.