Fujitsu Computer Systems announced the PRIMERGY BX630 blade server and the PRIMERGY RX220 rack server powered by dual-core AMD Opteron processors that provide data-center administrators maximum flexibility in how they scale up and scale out their infrastructures to increase efficiency and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO).

These AMD Opteron-based PRIMERGY servers offer a smart architecture that enables existing and future hardware building blocks to be combined for optimal efficiency and density, resulting in maximum return on investment. The low power budget — the ratio of power consumption and related heat dissipation to computing power — of the AMD Opteron processors permits a high computer density, a key purchase criteria in the data center.

The powerful PRIMERGY BX630 blade server offers low power consumption and increased performance for memory-intensive applications. AMD Opteron-based PRIMERGY BX630 blade servers can be installed in the current PRIMERGY BX600 chassis and mixed with existing Intel Xeon based PRIMERGY blade servers, the BX620 S2 or BX660 variants, enabling customers to choose the best technology for specific businesses and applications.

Customers will appreciate the natural scalability of the new Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX630 server. A feature of the AMD Opteron architecture — the HyperTransport interconnect — makes it possible to link a pair of the PRIMERGY BX630 server blades into a single, 4-processor powerhouse server blade with the performance of a native 4-way server. This configuration of the PRIMERGY BX630 server using the dual-core AMD Opteron processors supports up to 8 processor cores, giving customers the flexibility to move new classes of applications to the PRIMERGY BX600 blade platform. This platform is ideal for simultaneously scaling out and scaling up data centers with increased efficiency and utilization.

The PRIMERGY RX220 rack-optimized 1U server, designed for high-performance computing (HPC) environments, leverages the excellent floating point (FP) performance of the AMD Opteron processor. These memory-intensive arithmetic applications can also take advantage of the AMD Opteron’s advanced memory architecture. The PRIMERGY RX220 rack server is fully integrated with the PRIMERGY Management Suite.

“The inclusion of AMD Opteron in the PRIMERGY family offers our customers the widest range of choices for how they build out their data centers to meet both current and future needs,” said Richard McCormack, senior vice president of product and solutions marketing at Fujitsu Computer Systems. “With AMD Opteron-based servers, our customers will be able to achieve greater density and price performance, two top-level data center goals.”

Pricing and Availability

The PRIMERGY BX630 server will be available in mid November 2005 with pricing starting at $2,350. The PRIMERGY RX220 server will be available in December 2005 with pricing starting at $1,700.