Check out our recent webinar on Fujitsu’s latest Fi-7300NX Scanner.  This appliance from Fujitsu is a game changer in the scanner World.

Its small physical footprint is going to free up a lot of valuable desk space for your clients.

It does not need a PC to be attached or to run so no more costly support and maintenance issues.

It seamlessly interacts with a multitude of devices like smart phones, tablets and computers.

It automatically cleans up difficult documents while reducing the file size to a fraction of the original.

Its OCR functionality increases accuracy to an insane degree.

Its open API allows you to develop applications to solve all sorts of line of business problems and create Intellectual Property.

On top of all that, you can securely connect up to 1,000 of these devices on a network (local or remote). Its simplicity, quality and versatility is off the charts. And, it’s affordable to end-users.

Why this scanner matters to your customers and you?

Well, this can easily be an integral part of any paper to digital business transformation playbook. The DT market is on fire and tools like this can propel your growth so you can get a bigger piece of this revenue pie!

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You can also check out our recent interview with Marc Wilkins of Fujitsu at