Former executives from SAP and Oracle have launched a venture-funded startup called AnyPresence (, offering businesses a unique, 100% cloud-based platform for building HTML5 and native iOS and Android apps without requiring the installation of any development tools or SDKs. The platform also includes a secure cloud-based application server for integration, SMS support, data storage, and other enterprise-class features.

AnyPresence enables organizations to significantly reduce the time-to-market and cost of developing and maintaining cross-platform mobile apps. Users can easily assemble or modify apps within a browser-based environment, using templates with embedded mobile user experience best practices. AnyPresence also includes pre-assembled starter app templates, to help organizations further accelerate their customer and employee-facing mobile initiatives.

The AnyPresence platform includes a powerful, cloud-based mobile “backend-as-a-service,” with the ability to connect to a variety of data sources within the enterprise. HTML5 apps are deployed instantly to scalable cloud infrastructure. Native iOS and Android apps are compiled in the cloud using full native controls, and made available for local testing, over-the-air distribution, or submission to app stores.

AnyPresence provides a complete mobile enterprise and consumer application platform (MEAP/MCAP) for organizations seeking rapid, cost-effective mobile enablement:

Reduce development and maintenance costs by assembling an app once, and deploying it across multiple mobile channels including HTML5, native iOS, native Android, and SMS

Accelerate time-to-market with pre-assembled starter apps for customer (B2C) and employee-facing (B2E) mobile scenarios

Follow mobile best practices and user interface guidelines to improve user experience and app store approvals

Leverage existing enterprise IT systems with pre-built database, application, and web services connectors
Support data access and security policies with user roles, application permissions, and data visibility

Extend reach to non-smartphone mobile users through text messaging (SMS) and interactive voice response (IVR) capabilities

Support custom business logic requirements by building web services based platform “extensions” using any programming language of choice

Leverage AnyPresence platform APIs to assemble and generate mobile apps programmatically from third party or custom applications