Arcana is a Toronto-based strategic business consultancy specializing in
driving profit through objective analysis, thoughtful planning, and hands-on
fieldwork. Established by former Canwest Digital Media executives Tim
Lambertus and James Larrue-Baulch, Arcana has been built to consult in
virtually any market category or vertical, and possesses intimate knowledge of
the digital media industry attributed to more than 20 years of combined
experience of its principals.

Arcana’s specialized knowledge revolves around knowing how to extract and
then act on the truth, even when it’s hidden or confusing. Arcana transforms
consumer patterns, sales numbers, marketing reports, advertising data,
competitive studies, operational costs, and the sea of arcane metrics gathered
by a digital business into innovative strategic plans to drive and improve
performance. “You would be surprised how many companies operating in the
digital space possess extensive untapped revenue potential,” says Tim
Lambertus, President, Arcana. “The digital marketplace is continuing to grow,
even during these tough economic times. Whether a company is leveraging
digital for commerce, audience acquisition, or brand marketing, those who
fully understand the anatomy of their business will certainly weather the
storm and even add to their bottom line.”