FontAgent Pro 2 and Workgroup Edition Debut at Macworld Expo

    The New Face of Font Management and Repair

    Font Agent Pro has been dubbed the new face of font management and
    repair for its innovative approach to font organization, optimization,
    repair, and management. By providing all of this functionality in a
    single package, Insider has combined a number of diverse and often
    daunting tasks into a simple, unified solution that packs tremendous
    power yet is incredibly simple to use.

    With a few clicks, it repairs or eliminates corrupt fonts, partial
    and unmatched fonts, duplicate fonts, unnecessary point sizes, and
    builds optimized, organized font libraries. It enables users to build
    multiple font libraries and cascading font sets, automatically
    activate fonts, preview fonts in various typefaces, and save system
    resources and time by opening only the fonts required for current
    projects. In addition, FontAgent Pro can display fonts in WYSIWYG mode
    and offers a blazingly fast search engine making any font just a few
    keystrokes away. Users can instantly create and print a font book
    showing different text and styles, and the amazing FontPlayer(TM) lets
    users display and preview text in context, even permitting
    modification of font colors and backgrounds, point sizes, and more.

    FontAgent Pro also offers the most extensive array of automatic
    font activation capabilities of any product on the market. Not only
    does it automatically activate fonts in Panther-compliant
    applications, it also offers special plug-ins for Adobe InDesign,
    Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXPress, and Adobe Photoshop.

    “Fontez-Vous?” — What Else is New?

    FontAgent Pro WE was developed in Cocoa to take full advantage of
    Mac OS X technologies. It demonstrates the incredible power of
    Rendezvous, Apple’s open, standards-based networking technology that
    automatically discovers and connects Macs and other electronic devices
    on a network, allowing them to collaborate over IP without any user
    configuration. Insider’s Fontez-Vous(TM) technology enables users to
    display the fonts that are available on that user’s computer. The font
    is ready for use by any other Fontez-Vous participant with just a
    mouse click.

    Cascading sets have been added so users can logically organize
    fonts by client, project, etc. They work the way users are accustomed
    to, permitting a Finder-like hierarchical organization.

    An SQL database has been written to provide the sheer power and
    speed necessary for an industrial strength application. Launch times
    are incredibly fast and new data algorithms only read data as
    required, resulting in much lower memory requirements, the ability to
    handle huge font collections, and crash protection to protect the font
    database from damage. In addition, users can view essential facts
    about their fonts and can even add their own comments to the database.

    A new activation daemon allows automatic font activation without
    requiring the user to launch the FontAgent Pro application. FontAgent
    Pro will track the font activation and deactivation so the application
    always displays the correct state.

    Bob Leeds, Insider Software’s CMO, heralded the new release,
    stating, “FontAgent Pro WE is the perfect solution for design
    professionals who need to share their font resources, but don’t want
    to waste time on server administration, configuration, and
    maintenance. Our Fontez-Vous technology is based on Apple’s Rendezvous
    and works simply and smartly, just as one has come to expect from
    Apple products.”

    “Rendezvous uses industry standard networking protocols and zero
    configuration technology to automatically discover and connect devices
    over any IP network, including Ethernet and 802.11 wireless networks,”
    said Ron Okamoto, Apple’s vice president of Worldwide Developer
    Relations. “With the support of Rendezvous, Insider Software’s
    FontAgent Pro Workgroup Edition allows users to quickly and easily
    share fonts with each other.”

    System Requirements

    FontAgent Pro WE requires Mac OS X version 10.2 or later, 3MB of
    disk space, and 7MB of memory.

    Pricing and Availability

    FontAgent Pro 2.0 is priced at a suggested retail of $99.95
    ($89.95 for electronic download). FontAgent Pro WE is priced at a
    suggested retail of $149.95 ($139.95 for electronic download). Both
    versions will be on sale at Macworld Expo.