Exempt Logic Corp. launched beta access to its software product for the exempt market industry. Exempt Logic is the first application developed for the industry and is the result of years of development by a team based in Winnipeg.

“We are so excited to introduce the exempt market industry to Exempt Logic,” said Sheldon Stier, Founder & CEO of Exempt Logic. “Exempt Logic is the result of years of experience in the industry, wishing there was a better and more efficient way to run a boutique investment firm. This product is our solution and it’s going to change the way the exempt market does business – for both dealers and issuers.”

Exempt Logic is a cloud-based software application that streamlines compliance, sales, and administrative functions. Designed as a hub for both dealers and issuers, Exempt Logic lets these companies satisfy every regulatory requirement – in every jurisdiction – with the click of a button. Exempt Logic provides real time information on a secure and private platform that can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the world and is iPhone / iPad compatible. Users can easily create reports like client statements, transaction confirmations, and other regulatory reporting documents required by both issuers and dealers.

“What we love most about Exempt Logic is that it doesn’t add work for anyone,” Stier said. “Everyone will follow the same steps they’ve always followed – but that information will now be centralized, and timely information will be shared between dealers and issuers so you aren’t repeating a step that’s already been done.”

“Our ultimate goal is transparency,” Stier continued. “We can all do our jobs better if we can see important data, share relevant information, and keep up to date on every offering. Now, dealers know more about what they’re selling – and can be 100% confident that it’s still available. Issuers can see exactly how their offerings are selling. It’s common sense, if you think about it – but someone needed to build the product. With Exempt Logic, we’ve filled that need and we’ve created a platform that will help the exempt market industry grow and thrive.”