Kicking off NADA 2007 in Las Vegas, First Look, the pre-owned performance management and inventory optimization solution from INCISENT Technologies, today introduced the First Look Search Engine, the automotive industry’s first search engine for major wholesale automotive marketplaces.

The First Look Search Engine enables automotive dealers to instantly search more than 30 online marketplaces featuring more than 2 million vehicles annually. By also searching more than 50 live auctions throughout the U.S. to identify the best auctions that meet a dealer’s inventory needs, the First Look Search Engine offers the most comprehensive network of marketplaces featuring almost every major consigner and auction. Already live at more than 500 franchised dealers across the country, the rollout of First Look Search Engine will continue throughout 2007.

Taking search capabilities to a new level, the First Look Search Engine is powered by “predictive search.” Moving beyond traditional user-initiated searches to scour through billions of dollars of inventories, predictive search provides comprehensive search results automatically — before a user even begins to search. By utilizing First Look’s sophisticated Inventory Optimization Engine, the First Look Search Engine provides precise, comprehensive search results quickly and accurately — a process that typically would otherwise take 30 minutes to create through traditional search. Also, with the creation of the First Look Navigator, users are able to easily view and modify the results.

“We are committed to helping auto dealers and major sellers eliminate time and effort that is not critical to buying and selling,” said First Look CEO Pat Ryan Jr. “Far too often online buyers spend more time searching than buying. With the First Look Search Engine dealers are able to spend nearly all of their time online evaluating, bidding on and buying vehicles, using their time more effectively on the right cars. Eliminating time consuming search is a win-win-win situation for the dealer, the seller and the marketplace.”