First General Services turned to the high-value and cost-effective
solution of Xactware software because of how specifically it meets their
needs. “First General Services stands ready to provide 24-hour support to our
customers 365 days a year, and we wanted technology that would do the same for
us,” stated Michael Flatt, president of First General Services Canada.

“Xactware delivers solutions and resources that work the way we do.”
“Because we have more than 30 affiliate offices across Canada handling
several types of estimating, First General Services needed software that was
as versatile and reliable as we are,” Flatt continued. “With over 445 regional
pricing databases across Canada and the United States updated quarterly,
Xactware has harnessed the power of accuracy to provide us with the
adaptability and dependability we need.”

With Xactware’s innovative technology, First General Services’ affiliates
can now take advantage of graphical estimating, line-item entry, summary
matrix, grouping and dimensioning, third-party integration, one-click framing,
flooring tools, customizable reports, and more in both English and French.

“To our knowledge, Xactware is the only software provider offering
Canada, and especially Quebec, this level of language and pricing support,”
stated Joel Dagenais, Xactware’s director of canadian sales operations.
“Xactimate has always been met with enthusiasm in Canada. Now with the French
option, Xactimate will be usable for Canadian companies from coast to coast.”
The partnership demonstrates Xactware’s commitment to provide the
property restoration industry with solutions and resources that will help
companies, such as First General Services Canada, improve both customer
service and the bottom line.