Just back from our ChannelNEXT channel conference this week and wanted to quickly highlight one thing that resonated with me as well as many of the delegates. In one of the breakout sessions Randal Wark helped the VARs and MSPs to uncover their weaknesses and face them head-on. There was a test that they could take to help them benchmark some of their strengths and weaknesses.

The results were very interesting as every delegate was able to identify some of their weaknesses as well as realize the impact it could have on their business. It also gave them a good idea as to the overall health of their business. It is an exercise that is well worth the effort for every VAR and MSP to do! You can actually take the 200-question longer version of the assessment for free at Best Managed IT Companies

The obvious end-game is to help the VAR and MSP to fix their weaknesses and exploit their strengths to grow their business. Easier said than done, so it went further by actually helping them to get started by taking one of 4 training courses called Transition, Traction, Growth and Optimization.