Feast, a mobile application that provides a fresh approach to meal delivery, announces the launch of its iOS app to help deliver healthier, high quality meals with top-notch customer service to people who lead busy and active lives.

"People want a better quality food experience for less", says Feast CEO Steve Harmer, "They are working harder than ever and they deserve more inspiring options at lunch.  Feast has set out to deliver this, creating healthy, restaurant-quality meals that are made by our chefs, using the best ingredients and delivered by our friendly servers."

Feast has been in development since May 2015 and recently finished an extensive beta testing period, working on its technology platform, logistics and food production.  The app is a simple user experience, enabling the user to navigate the menu and order with a few taps on their smartphone.

Unlike other food delivery services, Feast creates, prepares and delivers its own food.  Some of the launch menu items include: Seared Albacore Tuna Nicoise, Naturally-Raised Pork Shoulder Chili Verde and Ontario Beet & Kale Salad.  Feast also manages its own delivery service team who are attentive and knowledgeable about the meals they are delivering.

"People are our main ingredient", says Trish Magwood, Feast SVP Food Experience, "We've built a top-notch culinary team led by Exec Chef Curt Martin.  We don't sacrifice on quality, which means our customer doesn't sacrifice on taste."

The Feast experience goes beyond standard food delivery applications with deeper stories about its meals, background on the chef's inspiration for dishes, their preparation stories and transparency on its suppliers.  After ordering, meals are delivered within 30 minutes, powered by eco-friendly cargo bikes and electric cars. 

The Feast application is available for immediate download through the Apple App Store where it will be serving lunch in downtown Toronto.  To celebrate the launch, Feast is offering $5 dollars off a customer's first order with the code FIRSTFEAST.