Faker$ is an app for everyone with a sense of humor-that wants to share it. With a multitude of crazy and spoofy templates to work from, Faker$ lets users create fake magazine covers, improbable newspaper headlines, off-the-wall ID cards, and downright weird diplomas in record time. With Faker$, there’s a quirky greetings card for every occasion. Thanks to its intuitive interface, impressing and stupefying friends and family is child’s play.

Do It Your Way – Custom Photos and Text

Just select a template and embed any photo. Enlarge, reduce or rotate the image anyhow. Edit headlines, texts, and captions. Faker$ is the only app of its kind that lets users modify text. Templates can be customized until they look just like the real thing!

Hundreds of wacky elements to combine…

The different themes and templates are collected into a single app that can create any kind of content. Using either an on-the-spot snapshot or an image from archive users can:

Become a cover starlet for a day, or make the front-page headlines of a Russian daily, or even a specialist pet care magazine (whatever works!).

Create fake ID cards and credentials: how about a “License to Flirt” or a membership card for a top secret organization?

Get the paperwork that proves just who is the World Champion of Synchronized Curling or “Babe-Magnet 2012”.

Embed photos into billboards or fake famous scenes to show everybody they were really there!

Send custom greetings cards and reinvent the traditional genre with crazy possibilities.

Faker$, the farcical forgery workshop for iPhone.

The complete application with an intuitive design enables users to:

Save and print their creations

Share creations via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or by e-mail to win exclusive templates

Buy new templates from the store

Get regular updates with additional templates


Faker$ is free, with downloadable packs (in-app purchase)
Faker$ Gold: costs US$ 3,99 with infinite content