F4W, Inc. (F4W), a software development company focused on delivering simple, flexible, interoperable and affordable communications solutions, announced the availability of their Core Desktop communications tool.

The Core Desktop is a “cloud-based” communications tool providing users secure, resilient telephone service via a dedicated 1-800 number, encrypted data sharing and mass alert capabilities. The Core Desktop operates virtually, allowing the user to access the services from anywhere in the world without the reliance on or burden of organizational network servers, maintenance and IT overhead.

F4W’s distinctive ability to provide end-to-end security between users is not based on additional hardware or firewalls that increase the cost and complexity while degrading voice quality. F4W’s unique approach and software drives the security within Core Desktop, regardless of what network or device the user may have access to, all while maintaining “land-line” quality connections.

“Many people do not realize the very unsecure nature of their communications. Anyone with a ‘sniffer’ can listen into a cell call; almost any hacker can monitor and retrieve voice over IP traffic. Google Voice stores all records of voice communications on servers, which can be accessed. Skype is a readily open system running through numerous servers with your data, voice or otherwise, easily available. The Core Desktop creates an entirely secure universe for its users, there is nothing like it in the marketplace,” said Harry Timmons, president of F4W.

The Core Desktop is designed for Government and Health Care officials who seek a day-to-day tool for easy and secure communications without relying on email servers or third party, unsecure options. In providing a resilient telephone number and the ability to interoperate over any network, the Core Desktop transitions into an emergency communications tool immediately, without any action needed from the user.

F4W is set to launch both a commercial and family-oriented version of the Core Desktop to meet the demands for security and control. Almost all organizations, or groups, simply want to control who they communicate with and be assured that those they interact with have a proven identity. Core Desktop and the technology behind it provide this assurance.