It is common knowledge that very large numbers of passwords have already been stolen and new breaches are announced every week. Many users of Ticketmaster and MyFitnessPal were hit this year, as were Health Service records in NWT and the UK. Password practices are so bad that hackers are making good use of the 1.4 billion passwords stolen from LinkedIn and others years ago. Prevention may not enough. You may need monitoring and alerting to mitigate company risk and to inform and educate your team. Privacy of data regulation and compliance laws is another reason why monitoring of data breeches should be considered.

“Thieves have stolen billions of passwords. Usually, business leaders are unaware that their password is for sale. can now monitor and alert organizations about these risks, helping them better secure their data and safeguard their people.”
– Calvin Engen, Director of Information Technology at
The Dark Web is the goto place to buy and sell this type of information. It is a hidden area of the World Wide Web which internet users can access using special software. Notably, users are anonymous, and their activity is untraceable. It has legitimate uses such as for citizens of oppressive regimes. However, over half of all sites on the Dark Web are used for criminal activities, including the disclosure and sale of digital credentials.

Through a proprietary partnership, scours millions of non-public sources, including botnets, criminal networks, and the dark web. As password breaches or other personally identifiable information is found, you are notified, often before the information is public. When your business email domain is subscribed you can add additional personal email addresses without charge, helping protect you, your family, and your employees.