Under the terms
of the agreement, the client, who has chosen not to be named for security and
confidentiality reasons, will use Proginet’s CyberFusion Integration Suite
to secure and control mission critical file-transfer activity, both
across the enterprise and externally with customers and business partners, and
to achieve audit compliance.

Proginet reports that it won this business as part of a competitive bid
process in which it was selected ahead of an incumbent file-transfer vendor,
having been evaluated and recommended by IBM Global Services. Proginet
continues to expand its success in the financial security market as
organizations fully recognize the implications of data theft in light of an
unprecedented number of data compromises worldwide. As such, security software
is the fastest growing software market with leading analysts projecting a
growth rate of 12% annually.

“This customer win is significant for several reasons,” stated Jack
Gazzola, Proginet’s Vice President of Sales. “First, it adds yet another major
financial institution to our client list, which now includes more than 200
companies in the financial services sector. Our success in this sector is
strong and has been accelerating as more and more large institutions select
CFI to secure key data. Second, it sees Proginet further expand its presence
in the Canadian marketplace.”

“Proginet’s 2005 acquisition of Blockade Systems represented a
significant investment in the Canadian market,” added Kevin M. Kelly,
Proginet’s President and CEO. “Our Toronto office has become a critical hub
for our presence in Canada and is where a significant number of key
development and engineering staff are based. We continue to see revenue
opportunities expand in this important geographic market, as well as across
diverse vertical industries, including banking, healthcare, manufacturing and