Excel Software began shipping updates to its development tools to support the latest Linux distributions including Fedora 4, SuSE 9.3 and Mandriva 2005. The new QuickCRC 1.0.5, QuickUML 1.1.1 and QuickBugs 1.0.4 include an updated installer and many user interface enhancements. QuickBugs now has the ability to associate files or a zipped archive of files to bug reports, shortcuts for navigating or processing each bug and additions to the scriptable report generator.

QuickCRC is a software design tool for discovering objects and related information for an object-oriented software development project. It automates CRC cards for identifying classes, responsibilities and collaborations between objects. Design scenarios can be defined and simulated. Complex designs can be partitioned into multiple diagrams with easy navigation using the Contents view. The inheritance graph instantly shows the class structure of the evolving design.

QuickUML tightly integrates a core set of UML models. An entire project is presented through a tabbed window that includes use cases, class models, object models, dictionary and code and saved as an XML file. Use cases document user interactions with the system and link to models, code, foreign files or other use cases. Class models show static structure between classes, interfaces, components, packages and other objects. Sequence diagrams illustrate how objects interact with emphasis on the order in which things occur. Horizontal operation connections are drawn between vertical lifelines under objects, modules and packages. QuickUML contains advanced features for multiple language projects, design namespaces, UML stereotype extensions, flexible color support, custom detail fields and automated generation of class models from the dictionary. An integrated code manager enables the designer to navigate through code files linked to use cases and diagrams.

QuickBugs is used to report, track and resolve bugs, issues, changes and new features involved in product development. Key attributes include extreme ease-of-use and flexibility, a shared XML repository accessible to multiple users, multiple projects with assigned responsibilities, configurable access and privileges for users on each project. Virtually everything in QuickBugs is configurable to the organization and specific user needs including data collection fields, workflow, views, queries, reports, security and access control.

QuickCRC, QuickUML and QuickBugs are priced at $295, $295 and $195, respectively for a Single User License. Each product includes printed and PDF manuals and is available in a 5 User and Unlimited User Site License. Free updates are available to qualified customers. Product information and online ordering are available at www.excelsoftware.com. Established in 1985, Excel Software provides development tools to thousands of Windows, Macintosh and Linux developers worldwide.