Tripp Lite, in the last few years, has been building their reputation as a leader in green Power Protection. Tripp Lite has done a lot of work focusing on Eco friendly initiatives such as becoming compliant with WEEE (European Union’s Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) as well as ROHS directives (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) in addition to developing Eco products such as Surge Protectors, UPS Systems and Cooling Options. While these steps are very important and show a growing commitment to our planet, Tripp Lite has not stopped there. The company has taken many steps to ensure that the headquarters in Chicago is also reflecting the same earth friendly values.

Tripp Lite, in recent years, has started recycling in a few key ways. The first of these recycling initiatives is scrap recycling. Tripp Lite recycles its scrap at about 24,000 lbs a month. The scrap is then broken down into its recyclable components. Two common metals that are often recycled from scrap are copper and steel. “Within the United States alone, which, since the 20th century has become completely self-sufficient with regards to its copper supply, almost as much copper is recovered through recycling as it is through mining ore” According to Also, According to the Steel Recycling Institute, the energy saved by recycling reduces the annual energy consumption of the industry by about 75%, which is enough to power 18 million homes for one year. Recycling 1000 kilograms (just over 1 ton) of steel saves 1,100 kilograms of iron ore, 630 kilograms of coal and 55 kilograms of limestone (

About two years ago Tripp Lite started recycling their consumer batteries, toner cartridges, pens and other recyclable office supplies with their vendor, Garvey. Whatever money Garvey receives from recycling these office supplies is donated to the charity of Tripp Lite’s choice. Over the last 2 years they have donated nearly two thousand dollars in recycling proceeds to various charities, one of them being Spinia Bifida.

With all these activities it is clear that Tripp Lite takes their commitment to the environment seriously. “Here at Tripp Lite we are committed to recycling whenever possible. We hope to set an example for our employees and our community” says Linda Gudelj manager of the Office Services department. Not only are they recycling at home, in mid- March Tripp Lite took part in CIMA (The International Environmental Summit) that was held in Ecuador this year. The event included not only green vendors but also lectures from prominent members in the Eco community such as Al Gore.

Additionally, most of Tripp Lite’s international service centers accept batteries and UPS Systems for recycling. Currently, Tripp Lite, in the week preceding Earth day will be hosting recycling events at several locations in major cities throughout Canada.

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