Here is a listing of ChannelNext events coming up:

June 30th: ChannelNext21 Virtual: “Virtual Conference Solutions Summit”

Now imagine this… Your company is having a meeting on the TEAMS platform with 100 employees who are in multiple locations. Some are in the office, where the main presenters are but others are in different regions and countries. Some presenters are also in remote locations. With the broadcasting system you can easily orchestrate all presenters and presentations to come in and out as though they were all in the same room!

In this 2-hour virtual session, we will demonstrate exactly how it’s done. You will see in real-time how anyone can take a common video conferencing experience to a powerful high-impact viewing experience for attendees. You will see and feel the difference instantly.

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July 22nd: ChannelNext21 Virtual: “Everything Cloud and Top 10 SaaS Showcase”

Everything Cloud and SaaS are on the minds of most channel partners. With about 200,000 Cloud and SaaS vendors already on the market, how can anyone find the best solutions? Every day we are reviewing new Cloud solutions and marketplaces….

September 22nd: ChannelNext21 Hybrid: Montreal, Quebec

We are planning to do in-person events as soon as it’s safe and permitted! This will be a new safety-first formatted event with live online streaming to increase the reach beyond the onsite attendees. More details to come on this……

October 20th: ChannelNext21 Hybrid: Central

November 25th: ChannelNext21 Hybrid: West

December 9th: Britain’s Reseller Choice Awards & 50 Best Managed Companies, London, UK

December 15th: ChannelNext21 Virtual: “Channel Predictions & Holiday Season Happy Hour”

February 3rd, 2022: Canada’s Reseller Choice Awards & Best Managed Companies, Toronto, Ontario

February 17th, 2022: Channel Manager Summit, Toronto, Ontario

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