Launched in Canada earlier this year,
the world’s first online encyclopedia of sustainable business practices now
has the support of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Seeing the
role this new resource could play in helping small and medium-sized Canadian
businesses move towards greener operations, BDC has become the official
sponsor of the site’s Canadian case studies.

The website in question, “”, hosts a database of documented
practices adopted by organizations seeking to incorporate greater social and
environmental responsibility into their operations. With an initial store of
over 75 case studies from around the world, this is the largest free reference
of its kind. The project’s goal is to offer a library of replicable strategies
for applying sustainability principles to one’s organization. By making this
information accessible, this site hopes to accelerate the market shift towards
sustainable operations. This tool has already earned early praise from key
sustainability experts including Amy Domini, the pioneering ethical investing
specialist in the U.S. and U.K.’s John Elkington, renowned author and
Co-founder of SustainAbility.

“We welcome BDC’s support at this early stage of the site’s development.
We also applaud its foresight and appreciation of the value this assembled
knowledge will have for Canadian businesses striving to gain a competitive
edge by becoming sustainability innovators,” states ethipedia Co-founder,
Brenda Plant.