eSoft, Inc., a leading vendor of integrated Internet security and content management solutions, announced that its InstaGate PRO integrated security gateway received an esteemed four-star rating in SC Magazine’s SME Appliance Group Test, the review results of which are included in this month’s issue of the publication.

The review team, which also rated devices from Fortinet and SonicWall, gave the InstaGate PRO high marks for ease of use, performance, and value for money, and an overall rating of four stars. The article notes that the InstaGate PRO is a “powerful, well-designed unit that is scalable, easy to set up and manage and comes with a flexible range of functionality modules” (SC Magazine, October 2005). The article also states that the “range of optional SoftPak modules makes the device flexible and able to be tailored to users’ specific requirements.”

“The InstaGate PRO is a great example of an integrated deep packet inspection firewall that simply works,” said Jason Blanchard, President, Complete Network Management, Inc. “Many vendors claim to have support for Anti-Virus, Intrusion Prevention and other services, but when you activate them, the device gets brought to its knees. The PRO provides us with thorough security even under the most demanding network loads.”

Ease of Management

The review team noted the InstaGate PRO’s simple configuration process, remarking that it is well thought-out and adapts itself automatically for the network in which it is being installed. Furthermore, reviewers stated, once the InstaGate PRO is up and running, it is simple to install additional SoftPak modules. According to the article, eSoft “has clearly gone the extra mile to make setup and management, and the installation of SoftPaks, as painless as possible. This is very welcome, especially when compared with the convoluted setup and management procedures for some of the other devices in this test.”

Complete Network Management agrees. “From the initial installation, where the device automatically figured out the network topology and determined its own proper settings, to the advanced configuration wizards, the PRO is the easiest security appliance I have ever used,” said Chad Tivet, Sales Manager, Complete Network Management, Inc.

About the InstaGate PRO

The InstaGate PRO is a scalable unified threat management (UTM) solution that combines Anti-Virus, Spyware, Spam, Phishing and Intrusion Prevention and more into a high-performance Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) Firewall and IPSec VPN architecture. Through its sophisticated inspection capabilities, the InstaGate PRO offers unparalleled protection from dynamic, content-based threats that elude traditional firewalls. eSoft’s patented SoftPak Director security services infrastructure ensures that the InstaGate is always providing maximum protection with the most up-to-date threat databases available.