Apani Networks, the leading enterprise network security software provider focused on securing inside the network perimeter, announced that Interwork Technologies, Inc., an Ottawa-based value-added distributor of security and networking solutions, will be endorsing the company’s Armour Reseller Program and will distribute Apani’s EpiForce as a centralized security management software system.

Interwork will provide EpiForce as a security software product for their resellers located throughout the US and Canada who require scalable solutions for security inside the network perimeter, privacy and regulatory compliance. Apani’s EpiForce software secures data flows, offers network-level access control and features a centralized policy management and reporting console to facilitate achieving regulatory compliance. Interwork will provide pre-sales support and training for EpiForce reseller partners.

“Interwork is one of Canada’s leading security-centric distribution companies and an ideal fit for our expanding family of Apani Armour partners,” said Michelle Tack, vice president of sales, Apani Networks. “Few value-added distributors have the security knowledge in addition to the relationships with top resellers, system integrations and solution provides that Interwork offers Apani. We are delighted that EpiForce holds a place in Interwork’s best-in-class security product offerings and look forward to working closely with them and their partners.”

“EpiForce has quickly established itself as one of the most trusted security software solutions for network environments and compliance for the corporate enterprise,” said Kelley Bush, vice president of business development and security, Interwork. “Securing inside the network perimeter and insuring that corporate security systems meet compliance standards are two pressing security issues all companies must address today. With EpiForce as a strategic addition to our product offerings, we are well suited to provide the security services our resellers are asking for.”

EpiForce is a centralized security management software system uniquely designed to secure inside the network perimeter. By automating security policy enforcement, network wide point-to-point encryption and machine-level access control, EpiForce becomes the epicenter of enforcement.

Operating at the network layer, EpiForce is transparent to users and applications. In addition to securing data flows, it has the ability to logically segment your network into security zones. For the first time, EpiForce permits IT managers to apply defense-in-depth strategies to secure the network. By controlling access to critical devices and encrypting internal data flows, it is possible to protect against an insider attack and mitigate the impact of a perimeter security breach.