The second major upgrade in 2007, this release features over 100 valuable new energy efficiency software improvements including Greenhouse Gas Tracking, Automatic Weather Data Updates, and an interface to the EPA’s ENERGY STAR building rating system.

“Our sole line of business is developing, enhancing and supporting EnergyCAP software — that’s why we’re still the industry leader since our first release in 1982. And even as we’re rolling out Release 5.0, our development teams are already moving forward with powerful new functionality for 2008 including expanded degree day analysis, improved rate calculation tools and the ultimate in web-based utility bill tracking,” said Steven D. Heinz, PE, CEM, the founder and CEO of Good Steward Software.

EnergyCAP now tracks and reports Greenhouse Gas emissions from direct and indirect, stationary and mobile sources. A comprehensive database of emissions factors is periodically updated and distributed. In response to burgeoning concern about climate change, large corporations and state, municipal and international governments have expressed particular interest in this new feature.

Two new electronic interfaces are valuable time-saving improvements. Connecting to worldrespected, EnergyCAP automatically uploads daily weather data and also provides a fourteen-day degree day and energy usage forecast. EnergyCAP’s new interface with EPA’s ENERGY STAR system submits building energy data and receives back an official energy efficiency rating.