CHICAGO, March 21, 2005,
Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.
(NASDAQ: ALDN) today announced that UK-based Energis
selected Aladdin eSafe to
tackle the growing problem of spam and virus attacks.

A leading data, voice, call center, Internet and hosting services
provider, Energis deployed the
Aladdin eSafe content
security solution
on their
network gateway, allowing them to centrally monitor behavioral patterns
and prevent the entry of
malicious content, including spam. By shutting out spam, Aladdin eSafe significantly
reduced the
number of emails Energis has to process. Within the first seven days of
going live, Aladdin eSafe
identified more than 862,000 spam messages out of approximately 1.2
million emails.

As the main provider of Internet and telecoms services to over 40 FTSE
100 companies and with a
commitment to deliver its solutions at a consistent level of 99 percent
availability, it is
essential that Energis’ systems run as efficiently as possible. The
increase in spam was reducing
the capacity of its systems, costing Energis valuable time and money.
Aladdin eSafe ensures that
these spam emails are filtered out while preventing legitimate emails
that are important to the
business from being blocked.

“Aladdin is a company that really wanted to build a relationship with
Energis, and genuinely
wanted to do all it could to help and provide the best security solution
for our organization,”
said Graham Smith, security operations manager at Energis. “eSafe has
proven to be extremely
reliable in tackling Energis’ problem with spam emails. It has ensured
that we can continue to
provide our customers with the excellent service they both expect and
require from us.”

Aladdin has worked closely with Energis to ensure that eSafe would allow it
efficiently manage
the huge scale of emails entering its systems. Since using eSafe,
Energis’ issue with spam has
been diminished. The amount reaching its servers has been reduced by 85
percent, resulting in
massive time and resource savings for the company.

“As an integrated solution delivering all components required for
complete corporate content
, eSafe is protecting Energis’ entire enterprise from
viruses, spam, worms and other
malicious code threats,” said Shimon Gruper, vice president of
technologies for the Aladdin eSafe
Business Unit. “Since using eSafe, Energis’ issue with spam has been
greatly reduced, freeing up
the IT team’s time and ensuring the company no longer needs to purchase
additional, costly servers
and other equipment to handle the previously massive levels of spam.”

About Aladdin Knowledge Systems

Aladdin (NASDAQ: ALDN)
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Aladdin products include: the HASP® family of hardware
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