Empower Technologies
has landed its first significant sale – a 5 year volume Purchase Order
(PO) from Advantec Computer Systems, LLC under certain terms and
conditions to supply industrial handheld computers to their Value Added
Resellers (VAR). Empower is rapidly capitalizing on this market leadership
with the signing of the Distribution Agreement with Advantec.

Under the
Agreement, Advantec will distribute Empower’s OEM/ODM (“Original Equipment
Manufacturer” / “Original Design Manufacturer”) industrial handheld and tablet
to the healthcare, hospitality, field repair, utilities, transportation,
retail, public safety, government and other industrial vertically integrated
customers through Advantec’s vast VAR and SI (“System Integrator”)
distribution network. The sale from this five (5) year PO is valued at about
$40 million US dollars.

“This multimillion dollar contract for industrial handheld devices
realizes Empower’s vision. Empower is now completely transitioned from being a
R&D company and developer of software and hardware tools to one that develops,
manufactures and sells OEM/ODM embedded computing products and solutions,”
said Paul Leung, Chairman, President and CEO of Empower. He added that, “We
have now planted a firm foundation for growth in terms of revenue and markets
and are actively pursuing various targeted sales opportunities.”