Empower is also brought
up first out of hundreds of search returns as a TI recommended ‘Best Bet’ when
a keyword search is made on TI.com for OMAP5910, Linux or Empower.

The LDK5910 was developed by Empower with support from TI to showcase the
capability of Empower’s LinuxDA Embedded Operating System when combined with
TI’s OMAP5910 processor. The LDK5910 which runs LinuxDA out of the box can be
leveraged by device developers worldwide as a powerful embedded Linux design
platform to significantly reduce device development time and cost.

“The listing of the LDK5910 on TI’s eStore is further evidence that the
LDK5910 is a world class, one stop Linux based device development tool and the
move further solidifies our partnership with TI in the System-On-Chip (SoC)
product category.” said Alex Romanov Empower’s VP of Sales and Marketing. The
LDK5910 development kit is available online for $900 USD at

Empower has also began negotiations to have its current and future
development kits distributed through TI’s worldwide distribution network as
part of the TI product catalogue.

Empower will also be exhibiting their LDK5910 development kit at the
Texas Instruments Developers Conference (TIDC), in Dallas, Texas, February
28th to March 2nd 2006, where they will also be showcasing a specially
designed version of their PowerPlay Pro-Media Chair, which utilizes Empower’s
latest technology to create a totally digital path audio platform.

The TIDC provides technology sponsors and exhibitors with networking and
training opportunities with industry, TI experts and peer-to-peer interaction
for embedded designers like Empower. With more than 100 technical sessions and
hands-on workshops, attendees can immerse themselves in signal processing
technologies such as high-performance analog (HPA), digital signal processing
(DSP), Digital Light Processing(TM) (DLP), microcontroller, microprocessor,
Field Programmable Gate Array and complementary technologies.

Visit Empower Technologies at the TI Developers Conference (TIDC) in
Dallas, Texas, February 28th to March 2nd 2006, at the Hyatt Regency
Conference Center.