The company was named one of Ottawa’s Top 10 places to work.
Employees presented the award at a breakfast attended by 350 guests at
Ottawa’s Congress Centre.

The title stems from an independent, employee-based survey of companies
conducted late last summer. With 88 percent of its employees completing the
survey, Fidus achieved one of the highest participation rates.

“Fidus is fortunate. We’ve attracted really great people who motivate
each other and learn together,” says Bill Crick, Director of Engineering.
“We’re always adding new programs to make Fidus a fun place to work. Our staff
comment consistently on our transparent management style and our challenging
and diverse engineering projects. Of course, our supply of chocolate raisins
doesn’t hurt!”

The survey was conducted by TalentMap in conjunction with the
Ottawa HR Forum. Employees were polled about their level of engagement at
work, their relationships with immediate managers, and the commitment of their
leaders. They also responded to the question: “Why do you think your employer
is one of the Top 10 in the region?”

“I enjoy the family-like atmosphere, where no silly questions are
ridiculed,” says Jaemin Park, a senior FPGA designer who presented today’s
award on behalf of the employees. “Our president is an engineer, who knows the
‘itchy spots’ for engineers.”

Fidus Systems is an electronic engineering design services company,
headquartered in Ottawa. It operates design centres Beirut, Lebanon and
Toronto, Ontario.

Fidus backgrounder:

Fidus supplies expert-level electronic designs for industrial control
systems, transportation, consumer products, telecommunications equipment,
aerospace, defence and biomedical instrumentation – and more. Fidus provides
complete product development, or targeted design of architecture, hardware,
FPGA, software, printed circuit board layout and high-speed signal integrity
analysis. Its customers include start-ups, SMEs and multinationals in San
Jose, Boston, New York, Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.