EMC Corporation, the world leader in information management and storage, was the #1 provider of storage software for the sixth consecutive year in 2005, according to a report released today by IDC [a, b]. During the fourth quarter, EMC led the worldwide storage software market in total revenue for the 12th consecutive quarter.

For both the full year and the fourth quarter, EMC also led the storage replication market with more than twice the revenue share of the next closest provider and the storage resource management (SRM) market with more than four times the revenue share of the next closest provider. In the back-up and archive segment, EMC continued to grow revenue share and outpace the total market.

Howard Elias, EMC Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Development, said, “Once again, EMC’s sustained storage software leadership underscores how more and more customers are adopting information lifecycle management strategies that are brought to life through EMC software. As we continue to execute on the most prolific product rollout in the company’s history, the power associated with our ability to innovate and integrate new technology will drive ever-increasing levels of value for customers around the globe.”