To recognize and reward Canada’s brilliant buyers, eBay Canada today launches the eBay Canada Brilliant Buyer Awards, a search for the country’s savviest shoppers in five distinct categories.

Almost six-million Canadians have purchased more than $7-billion worth of goods on eBay in the last decade and the eBay Canada Brilliant Buyer Awards will acknowledge consumers who have a passion for shopping, whether it’s keeping up with the latest fashion trends or consideration of the environment with each and every purchase.

“Our research shows that the majority of Canadians put a lot of thought into their purchasing decision, and this includes being environmentally- and price-conscious, and combining their personal passion with their decisions,” said Andrea Stairs, country manager for eBay Canada. “We’re asking Canadians to tell us about their most prized purchases, whether they’re a fashionista looking for the ultimate find, a hobbyist building up a rare collection, or a bargain hunter who just loves bragging about a great deal.”

Five Canadians will receive $1,000 in eBay gift certificates and be recognized as Brilliant Buyers by eBay Canada in the following categories:

– The Stylish Shopper who is able to keep up with the latest clothing,
shoes, and accessories trends by purchasing new, as well as vintage
and gently-used items.

– The Business Buyer who uses eBay to purchase business-related

– The Consummate Collector who is using eBay to purchase hard-to-find,
unique or rare items to add to a collection.

– The Budget Buyer who takes advantage of eBay to save money.

– The Enthusiastic Eco-consumer who purchases items that have been
previously-used or environmentally-friendly products in an effort to
be more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly.