AboutOne.com offers families a fast and easy way to eliminate paper clutter and go green. The award-winning online family management system eliminates one of the most common issues families face when making the decision to live a greener, clutter-free life. By providing one central location in the cloud to quickly and easily store and manage all their records, AboutOne gives families the option of digitally preserving and sharing family memories and household information rather than printing and storing paper copies of documents.

For most Americans, organization and storage are usually a challenge, no matter where they live. The introduction of cloud-based resources like AboutOne, Mint.com, Cozi, and Google Docs have provided efficient new ways for families to better manage the endless stream of health and education records, documents, photos, recipes, children’s artwork, magazine articles, and more that enter their lives on a daily basis. Digitizing this information not only frees up storage space in the home and eliminates annoying and messy physical clutter, but provides a greener paper-saving approach to storing and using family information. Cloud-based information management also provides relief from the stress and frustration that occur when important papers are lost and time is wasted searching for bills or documents.

“Our market research indicates that one of the big challenges people face in going paperless is the amount of time and effort they feel they must invest in scanning and filing documents, then making sure their information is reliably and regularly backed up,” says Joanne Lang, CEO and founder of AboutOne.com. “We designed AboutOne specifically to address these concerns, by making it possible to go paperless a little bit at a time, entering information by emailing from your phone or scanning directly into the system and providing bank-level security and regular backups so our customers don’t have to worry about the safety of their information.”

Once information is stored in AboutOne, it is easy to realize the benefits of going paperless. Families have email-ready documents they can use to respond immediately to requests for information from doctors, schools, insurance companies, and others. In addition, their information is always available to them, no matter where they are. By using AboutOne, families are saving trees, money, and time.