Make the beautiful people even more beautiful in your games, commercials, television programs and feature films by working with Eyetronics. Recent assignments include: MEDAL OF HONOR for Electronic Arts, GRAND THEFT AUTO IV and Max Payne 3 for Rockstar Games, and work on the forthcoming movies KNIGHT AND DAY and THE GREEN HORNET. Eyetronics may be a boutique 3D scanning company, but its artists and its proprietary software mean that the results are major league: extremely high quality, rapidly executed.

Eyetronics, an international provider of high resolution scanning services and animation-ready 3D models, is the go-to company for all your scanning needs. While specializing in human models with unbelievable detail, Eyetronics is also capable of providing 3D scans of products and props ranging from firearms, cell phones, statues, cars and even animals.

The company’s structured light technology, high resolution digital cameras and turntables, create the RotoScan System, which can accelerate scan time and allow hundreds of people to be scanned in a very short amount of time. Once the scan has been completed, Eyetronics’ proprietary software exports models quickly with high-resolution color information. These models will then be prepared for immediate integration into production pipelines.

Beautiful graphics, speed and accuracy are the qualities that define Eyetronics. The RotoScan System is what makes it work, by capturing 3-D geometry and high resolution textures, then making the scans animation-ready in any file format.

For a really accurate scan, go with Eyetronics, where the RotoScanner can be easily transported, the images are rapidly executed, and the accuracy of its deliverables is of the highest level. Eyetronics has extensive experience working with high profile individuals and provides a streamlined on-site experience. With offices in both Europe and Los Angeles, Eyetronics’ technicians have the flexibility to circle the globe and travel to your location. Between the two offices, Eyetronics has recently completed assignments in Canada, Brazil, India, Germany and several locations in the United States.