The collegiate sportsworld will welcome an interactive scouting website like no other on the World Wide Web. Conceived by former NFL standout and TV NFL Draft expert defensive back Corey Chavous, “” will launch as a live, real time draft URL showcasing and analyzing student-athletes across the country in which Chavous will serve as National Director of Scouting. will be active 365 days a year, holding force beyond the length of the collegiate football season. Its mission is to provide, accurate analysis, player video breakdowns and in-depth interviews comprised thru Live-Stream and on-site video journalists with coaches, players, current and former Pro athletes and university officials who bring insight to the college football game.

As a draft host and analyst for the NFL Network, and having played in the Pro-Bowl during his 11-year career, Chavous created to expand upon his knowledge and passion for football and breaking down the mechanics of any given player, from any given school in an effort to discover hidden gems. “I’ve studied some of the best players and some of the worst from big schools and small,” said Chavous. “I know what makes an athlete a complete player and I wanted to share that information with fans, so they can follow the journey leading up to the NFL draft of not only well-known talent, but the overshadowed as well.”

Visitors of will be able to “one-click” on their desired interest to gain information on certain players or to check out Chavous’s “All-American Draft Nasty list,” which will be unveiled on the site on launch day. Visitors may view LIVE “look-ins” to the Sports trivia contests that will take place in each college town, on the “20-game RV road tour” in which Chavous will travel nearly 10,000 miles from coast-to-coast.

With the launch of, fans will have a sneak peek of interviews and professional scouting reports. A “Insider” will have full access to exclusive interviews, blogs from the actual scouts, pro-athletes and journalists, while interacting thru social media with other fans simultaneously.

With the creation of, the RV, Draftnasty scouts, the Collegiate Town Sportstrivia and the 20-game RV-Road tour, are “Ready to Roll.” Further information can be found on the website and interviews with Corey Chavous can be requested via contact above.