That’s a bigger
challenge than it sounds, and is why Atlantic Canada’s own DOVICO, a leading
developer of timesheet software and time management software continues to be
used by businesses around the globe, including National Geographic, Vodafone,
and DHL.

“In today’s highly volatile economic market it’s important to focus
resources on efficiency. This can be done by looking inward, improving
processes, streamlining resources, and removing employee uncertainty,” says
Yves Doucet, CEO, DOVICO.

Based in Atlantic Canada, the company was founded over 15 years ago by a
pair of young engineers. Established in response to the emerging global demand
for enhanced operating efficiency, DOVICO’s easy-to-use web based timesheet
software improves business productivity, project control and profitability.
This successful local company can proudly boast that it received no outside
investment and built its core using existing revenues, which allowed it to
remain innovative and to quickly respond to both customer and technological

Over the last 15 years, DOVICO has been able to grow its operations,
enhance its research and development, and expand its market reach by looking
inward at innovation and externally for strategic partnerships and development
opportunities such as the Industrial Research Assistance Program (IRAP). IRAP,
an initiative of the National Research Council, works closely with small and
medium-sized enterprises, helping them grow their businesses, increase their
competitiveness, and enhance their impact in the marketplace.

“Our capabilities and methodologies have grown over the last fifteen
years,” says Martin Johnson, VP Marketing. “We have successfully evolved to
adapt to the realities of the global business community, but our success is
not because we do something different than anyone else.” He continues, “It is
because we have invested in the analytics and tested, consequently learning to
do it better.”

DOVICO has grown to become a leader for their eMarketing efforts which
include such activities as electronic public relations, geo-advertising,
e-mail, SEM & SEO. This is inherently important in a marketplace where they
have more than 120 direct competitors.

Not only has DOVICO gained significant market share in this highly
competitive environment but they have also been able to penetrate over 70
different countries including Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the
Netherlands, growing their export revenues by 17 percent over the last year.

DOVICO’s efforts have not gone unnoticed as they were recently awarded
the 2008 New Frontiers Export Award by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters
(CME). This award recognizes DOVICO for achieving recent and ongoing success
in developing over 70 foreign markets, resulting in increased sales,
profitability, creation or retention of jobs, and improved productivity.

A significant contributing factor to their international success has been
their efforts in sales and support. Extended hours, banking in other
currencies (Euro, Pound Sterling, etc) are only the baseline incentives for
their clients.

“We work in a method that is conducive to our international customers,”
says Carolyn Tancock, Director of International Operations. “And to do that we
have learned to adapt, and to be open to new cultural expectations.”

It should not be forgotten that the in-house expertise in technology and
sales developed at DOVICO over the last few years has produced substantial
benefits. Not only has DOVICO redesigned their core product to add value but
they have built the ‘right product’ with respect to technology and
distribution channels for both North American and international trade markets.

Their flagship product, DOVICO Timesheet software, is an award-winning
time tracking software and time management software that monitors project
costs, employee time and expense sheets. DOVICO’s ability to adapt to the
newer technologies and business models has made the hosted online timesheet
software (SaaS) a very popular option for clients in lieu of purchasing and
operating the software from their own servers.

“Providing our clients additional value through innovation.” is a refrain
often heard at DOVICO, as they continue to respond progressively and
proactively to the needs of their clients, at home and around the world.