The Alternative Operating Software System (AOSS) is patent pending
technology that can be downloaded from the PC Tools website and is available
as a one time free scan or gratis to current licensed Spyware Doctor users.

“We have created a novel solution to the spyware problem by building an
alternative operating system based on Linux software. This means that we can
boot the system with an entirely different operating system and ferret out
spyware problems,” commented Michael Greene, Vice President of Product
Strategy at PC Tools.

The software-eventually to be incorporated into Spyware Doctor-works by
putting the Windows Operating System to sleep; enabling it to remove the most
persistent spyware (such as rootkits and keyloggers) that launch and hide
themselves in the OS when Windows is booted

“By putting the PC to sleep, with AOSS we are turning off the life
support for embedded spyware and getting a clear shot at removing it,” added
Greene. “Security threats are growing in complexity and becoming increasingly
evasive so we must think like spyware hackers to beat them at their own game.”