A global innovator in 3D sports
technology, has announced the launch of Pirates 3D VS Raceviewer free for
download at http://www.blackpearlracing.com.

The Pirates 3D VS Raceviewer has the look and feel of the team including
unique Pirates graphics and colors. In addition to keeping an unpatched eye on
The Black Pearl, users can track four interactive camera angles, accurately
depicted boats (right down to sail selection), weather — including wind and
boat speed and direction, isobars, rain, snow, and clouds — and race history.

The Pirates 3D VS Raceviewer also offers video updates straight to the
individual’s application. This holds unlimited opportunity for sailing
broadcasts, video highlights and more, while fans are enjoying the 3D
presentation of the Volvo Ocean Race.

Douglas L. King, Chairman and CEO of Virtual Spectator said, “Virtual
Spectator is thrilled to work with Disney’s entry in the Volvo Ocean Race.
Paul Cayard and all the Pirates of the Caribbean team have an enormous
following. We’re delighted to offer their fans an experience to follow this

Commenting on Pirates 3D VS Raceviewer, Gary Jobson, a world class sailor
turned Emmy-winning broadcaster, said, “I obviously can’t play favorites in
this race, but I can imagine the anticipation from the Pirate fans. I’m sure
they will be impressed and have their attention centered on their team the
whole race.”

Curtis Worthy, Project Executive with Virtual Spectator said, “This
collaboration with the Pirates of the Caribbean represents our ability to
synergize the branding of teams in an event such as the Volvo Ocean Race. This
not only leads to a valuable experience for viewers but for sponsors as well.”

Virtual Spectator plans to launch more team versions of the 3D VS
Raceviewer in the near future.