Digi International announced the introduction of the ConnectCore XP, the newest member of the ConnectCore module family. The module combines the latest generation Intel(R) XScale PXA270 processor, integrated Ethernet networking capabilities, and extensive peripheral support in a compact package, making it a powerful solution for demanding embedded applications. Full support for Linux and Windows CE is available.

“The new ConnectCore XP extends our ConnectCore family of core modules to provide OEMs with greater software and hardware design capabilities,” said Steve Ericson, director, product management, Digi International. “The ConnectCore XP is an outstanding product for demanding applications. It is also ideal when the Intel XScale is being considered for a product design. The full Linux and Windows CE support makes it easier for designers to develop software applications, and the complete hardware platform accelerates product development and time to market.”

“The ConnectCore XP module makes it easy for engineers to reduce the risk in developing high-speed processor and memory applications,” Ericson added. “It is the fourth product in our industry-leading ConnectCore product family which delivers reliable embedded hardware and software solutions optimized for commercial grade device networking.”

The ConnectCore XP’s XScale processor runs at 520MHz making it suitable for high-performance applications, including secure networking and network encryption processing, audio processing, digital video playback and other embedded graphic and display functions. Typical products that would incorporate the ConnectCore XP include networked video displays, point-of-sale terminals or time and attendance equipment.

Because the ConnectCore XP also features lower power consumption it is also well-suited for custom handheld applications and other portable or battery-operated devices. Peripherals supported by the module include 10/100 Ethernet networking, USB (Host, Device and OTG), 921Kbps UART and Bluetooth UART, AC97 Audio controller, memory socket support (PCMCIA, CompactFlash(R), SD/SDIO, MMC, and Memory Stick) and external memory bus and GPIO support.

The ConnectCore XP with a 520MHz PXA270 processor, 64 Mbyte of SDRAM and 32MByte of flash is available now. Other processor speeds and memory configurations are also available as are complete development kits with full Linux or Windows CE support.